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Pupils’ Code


  1. I will attend school regularly and punctually
  2. I will take an active part in lessons.
  3. I will not eat or drink during lessons.
  4. I do understand that mobile phones and electronic games must be switched off during lessons.
  5. I will not leave the school building during school hours ( 10.30 – 14.00).
  6. I will leave the school building during breaks.
  7. I will do my homework regularly.
  8. I will be prepare for the lessons and I will not forget my exercise books and text books.
  9. I will be friendly and caring towards my classmates and younger children.
  10. I will behave with respect to the school staff.
  11. I will treat the school building and furniture with respect.
  12. I understand that the possession and consumption of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol is forbidden.