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7th March 2020 - British Science Week   

St. Nicholas Day 2019  

Nativity Play - December 2019  

Alan Landrum from Merseyside Police visiting our school

Christmas postcards made by our pupils 

Independence Day Assembly 2019

Worshops "Cosmic adventue" 


International Day of Languages 2019 

Art competition "My Family" 

Health Day 

The end of the School Year 2017/2018 

Year 3 - "The children of Noisy Village"  


History year 4 - preparations for an assembly

Science Day 2018 

The end of the 1st term 2017/18 

Nativity Play

Nativity Play in the nursery

Slavica Dance in our school!

Meeting with a writer Sergiusz Pinkwart

Independence Day Assembly 2017


Pasowanie pierwszaków na ucznia - wrzesień 2017

End of the school year 2016/2017


Sports Day 2017

Polish Heritage Day 2017

Rhys Jones Community Centre Open Day

Clown's visit in the Reception

Reception prepares to the Easter 2017

Science Day

Ducklings in our school

Travelling storytellers “Wloczykij” with performance  "Para buch, koła w ruch, czyli kabaret na długiej przerwie" and drama workshop


End of the 1st term 2016/2017 

Carnival party in the Reception 2017 

Nursery - Valentine's Day 2017 

Carnival party in the Nursery - 2017

Nativity Play 2017 


Nativity Play in the nursery 2017 


St. Nicholas Day 2016 


Independence Day Assembly 2016 


Art and Craft workshop 2016/2017


Nursery group (4 year old) 2016/2017


Nursery group (3 year old) 2016/2017

International Day of Languages, Liverpool 2016


End of the school year 2015/16


Sports Day in Warrington 2016



“Wierszowisko” – recitation contest, London 2016



1st International Competition “Z poprawną polszczyzną na co dzień” and our winner Wiktoria Ożarek



Spring Day in Nursery, 2016




Literary workshop with Polish writer Agnieszka Szczepańska, 12 maja 2016




3rd of May Polish Constitution Day Assembly



Nursery group (3 year old) 2015/2016



II Polish Orthography Competition in Manchester 2016



End of the 1st term 2015/2016




Carnival party in the Nursery, 2016




Carnival party in the Reception class, 2016




The Lord Mayor’s Annual Civic Service “Liverpool – Connecting Communities” 2016




Nativity Play 2016




Christmas Eve in the Reception class, 2015




St. Nicholas Day 2015




John Paul II Polish Saturday School 10th Anniversary Celebration, 14th November 2015



International Day of Languages, Liverpool 2015



End of the school year 2014/2015



Nursery group (3 years old) 2014/2015




Newsham Park Art Festival 2015



Sports Day in Warrington 2015



Polish Open Day at North West Cancer Research Centre, University of Liverpool




3rd of May Polish Constitution Day Assembly



Y7-9 watching “Chłopiec w pasiastej piżamie”at the Playhouse Theatre



Joachim Reszel – our Winner of the Polish Orthography Competition in Manchester, 2015



Art and Craft: Polish Easter project for World Museum in Liverpool



End of the 1st term 2014/2015



Nativity Play 2014



St. Nicholas Day 2014



Ceremonia wręczenia dyplomów GCSE i A-level



Christmas Eve in Reception class



Christmas Cards made by our pupils



Independence Day Assembly



International Day of Languages, Liverpool 2014



Zakończenie roku szkolnego 2013/2014



Newsham Park Sports & Arts Festival, 21.06.2014



“Wierszowisko”- recitation contest, London 2014



Sports Day in Warrington, 2014



3rd of May Constitution Day Assembly



Nativity Play 2014




Art and Craft workshop



“Plastuś” in Y2



St. Nicholas Day 2013



Project: Young Entrepreneur (Mini-market enterprises Project)



Independance Day Assembly



International Day of Languages, Liverpool 28.09.2013



End of the school year 2012/2013



Polish Midsummer Festival


Pictures courtesy of Aldona Wandzel-Kapusta and Michal Furas




Wierszowisko - recitation contest, London 2013



Sports Day in Warrington



3rd of May Constitution Day Assembly



Art club – “Mother's Day”




Polish Educational Society Competition “Moja przygoda z Polską Sobotnią Szkołą”



Our spring creations



Letters of the Polish alphabet



Nativity play 2013



Travelling storytellers “Wloczykij” with performance “Przygody jeza spod miasta Zgierza” and drama workshop, 19.01.13



Polish Community Recognition Civic Reception 18.01.13




Music worshop “Silence is Also Music” with Polish conductor, composer and cultural antropologist Marcin Gluch, 15.12.12



International Day of Languages/ Liverpool 29.09.12